Home Care Services

Maintaining independence, learning new skills and simply enjoying life is often taken for granted until it is taken away from us, but there is no reason why our lives and well being has to change as our circumstances do. Everyone needs peace of mind that their future care or the care of a loved one is in the best hands possible.

We assign each service user with just two or three carers, as we try to limit the disruption of your daily routines and also feel that by offering this we provide stability, safety and peace of mind, which allows you and your carer to get to know each other, without interruptions of un-known or un-wanted guests.

Our flexibility in the home care services has earned us so much trust and confidence among our Service Users. Whether you need an hourly service once a day or 4-times a day for the 7 days, Samfos Health will accommodate your needs. Samfos health provides a personalised support plan to help you achieve the things you love and do every day in the comfort of your home. Our carers’ are professionals and dedicated in what they do.

At Samfos Health we understand that Home Care is the care and support provided to Service Users in their home by trained care workers. We provide good quality care to suit your needs in your own home and at your convenience. Our Home care services are designed to help all our Services Users to live comfortably in their own home while assisting them to achieve their assessed needs in an environment filled with dignity, compassion and respect.

Why choose Samfos Health for your Home Care?

We understand the complex dynamics involved in home care services and the fact that we are providing sensitive care to vulnerable individuals. As a result we do all we can to ensure that all our care workers are carefully trained to meet industry standards. All our care staff undergo enhanced DBS/CRB checks. Our rigorous compliance procedures including identity checks and two satisfactory references mean that our professionals are carefully vetted prior to joining Samfos Health.

How we work

Following an enquiry by you, your social worker or a relative, we will arrange to visit you at a time convenient to you. The aim of this initial visit is to assess your requirements and the things that you really want to achieve from our services. We then work together with you and or your social worker or relative to device a personalised plan of care that will guide us and our care workers toward achieving and delivering the best quality care for you in your home. This plan will be in place for the first 4-weeks and then reviewed.

After the initial 4 weeks review, we allow 3 monthly reviews (or earlier if circumstances change) to monitor your care needs and ensure that we are continuously giving you the right support and assistance, as care needs can change with time.

How do we accept you into our books?

We understand this process can be complex, but with Samfos Health becoming a Service User is no more complicated. This journey is very simple as we have broken things down into three 3 basic steps. We call it the ABC of joining our Home care. Read the steps below:

  1. Contact us
    Fill in our online enquiry form providing your name, number and email address. Use the message area to tell us which type of service you require. Alternatively, call our office number on 0114 245 5450 and speak to one of our friendly members of staff who will gladly welcome you and take few details from you.
  2. Arrange a date for an assessment
    We will arrange with you a suitable date and time to come to you and conduct a free assessment. During this assessment we will obtain as much information as possible to enable us to better understand your needs so that we can together agree an effective plan of care that is designed only to meet your assessed needs and no one else’s
  3. Agree on a start date
    A start date for your care will be discussed at the assessment stage. The information gathered will be forwarded to the care manager who will put them into a structured and organised format that can communicate well to all staff and carers who will be involved in your care. In most cases should you require an immediate start following you/our assessment, then we can almost certainly begin your service in less than a week.

That's it, As simple as A B C

Our Core Services

Samfos Health carers’ will assist you to achieve any or all your activities of daily living (based on your assessed needs) including the following:

Personal Care

Samfos Health Carers are trained to deliver the best personal care. Remember, caring is not about rushing through tasks or procedures but having time of interaction with your Service User as care is being delivered has been shown to be refreshing and therapeutic. Your care worker from Samfos Health will ensure that you enjoy this benefit of your service.

Personal Care services include:
  1. Getting up and going to bed
  2. Dressing
  3. Personal Hygiene – this includes:
    • Washing
    • Bathing
    • Toileting
    • Oral and hair care
    • Nail care (other than that offered by a chiropodist)

Cleaning & Domestic Services

We all like to live in a clean, healthy environment. Samfos Carers recognise that being unable to do it yourself is no reason to live in a dirty environment. Our carers will do hovering and dusting in your home to ensure that your home is clean and tidy at all times. If you require something more than just a basic cleaning for e.g. window cleaning or some specialist cleaning, we have expertise who can cater for these. It is however important to bear in mind that such service will require separate arrangements.

Respite Care

Families do great jobs by providing care and support to their loved ones and so we must not forget that they as anyone else need some quality time for themselves. This helps them also recover from the mental strain and drain due to continuous emotional attachment during prolong periods of care.

Respite care is the provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home, such as a Residential Home or a Nursing Home. Respite also provides a positive experience for the person receiving care. Even though many families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, the physical, emotional and financial consequences for the caregiver can be very overwhelming without some support.

Samfos Health recognises that it is not only the service user that requires assistance, you as the primary care giver needs to take a break every now and again. Whether it is just for an afternoon or a couple of weeks, we are here to give you the peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for while you catch up with those things you have been putting off or to simply enjoy a well deserved rest/holiday. We understand that you want the care your relative receives to be of the same high standard as what you in fact provide yourself. Our staff will work with you and your family to come out with an individualised care plan suitable to meet the needs of your loved one. Samfos Home care Services is popular for obvious reasons.


We all like to have a ‘natter’ and a ‘cuppa’ with our friends and family. It is a huge part of our lives, so why should less-abled individuals be any different? We believe, they shouldn't. We recognise that it’s not always about personal care or any of the cares mentioned above. Sometimes, as with any other normal person, you just wish to have someone around you, someone you can talk to and share some jokes and memories with, someone who can really make you enjoy the most of your free times at home.

At Samfos Health we provide one on-one companionship and care in the comfort and security of your own home. Completely bespoke to you, we match our carers to your individual needs and personality, likes and dislikes. Samfos Carers know what is meant to be a companion to a Service User.

Escort Services

We recognise that sometimes it is hard to travel around and as our circumstances change it can become more difficult to continue doing the things you love most in the outside world. Our escort services are uniquely designed to help solve this problem. Whether it's going to your hairdressers, GP appointment or to a social event, your Carer from Samfos Health will ensure that your trip is as enjoyable, safe and satisfying.

We aim to empower Service Users to continue living their everyday life, visiting the places that mean the most to you along with simple journey’s such as doctor/hospital appointments or that trip you've been putting off for some time.

Our escort service includes:
  1. Day centres
  2. Libraries
  3. Social clubs
  4. Church / Church events
  5. Medical appointments
  6. Hairdresser
  7. Shopping (food or otherwise)
  8. Cinema
  9. Theatre
  10. To the park / Wild life parks
  11. Family / Friends

Social Activities

The importance of activity to an individual living in their own home.

Participation in social activities is a good way to improve your adaptability and provide you with more social Interactions. Sometime as our circumstances change we are unable to complete the task’s that we have done for many years and this can lead us to many problems as an individual. Sensory stimulation involved in activities can promote physical health and enhance cognitive function, social skills and emotional control. Social events and activities offers you the opportunity to keep in touch with the outside world which helps to reduce loneliness and avoid social disengagement.

Depending on your circumstances, abilities, interests and available resources, your care worker from Samfos Health will assist you to undertake some of the simple activities given below or escort you to the appropriate place where the facilities are available. Others confirm that these can help with relieving us from strains and stress of daily life.

Our escort service includes:
  • Cognitive activity:Playing chess and other bored games, reality orientation activity, reading a newspaper, etc.
  • Physical activity:Swimming, small light exercises, aerobic activities, ballroom (or other types of) dancing classes, balloon activities, etc.
  • Self care activity: Grooming, food preparation, etc.
  • Leisure activity: Opera, theatre, bingo, church, site seeing
  • Work related activity: Volunteering, simple cleansing, shopping with your carer or friends and family, etc.
  • Creative activity: Sewing, painting, handicraft, etc.
  • Spiritual activity: Religious activities, praying, attending spiritual events


Either you wish to go for some grocery shopping or buy some designer clothing for that up-coming occasion, your carer from Samfos Health will either go for shopping with you if so wish, or make a shopping list with you and go for shopping on your behalf. Accurate receipt keeping and reliability of our carers has been the hallmark of our success in managing effective shopping for our clients.


It is very important that your prescribed medications are always taken/ administered correctly by following the prescription information and the doctor’s advice for those medications. Our carers receive the appropriate training, to industry standard, required to deliver safe medication to our clients in their own homes. Your Samfos Carer will ensure that your regular medicines are replenished or restocked before they run out by liaising with your GP and your regular pharmacy.

Our carers have direct access to a coordinator or the care manager for immediate queries regarding medicines and their administration. If you are discharges from hospital, it is our policy that the care coordinator or care manager will visit you to ensure that your medications and any issues relating to them in respect change in their combinations or times are addressed and care workers informed.

Food & Nutrition

Sometimes it’s not because you do not feel like eating or that you do not like the food being served but in fact the way they are served or presented can be just enough to put you off completely. We all know the importance of food and good nutrition to our bodies. Samfos Carers will always be there to ensure you have your meals ready at the right time and served in the most presentable way to encourage stimulation of appetite. This includes preparing microwave meals, serving of drinks and making sandwiches.

Sleep-In/Wake-In Night Care

Either you wish to go for some grocery shopping or buy some designer clothing for that up-coming occasion, your carer from Samfos Health will either go for shopping with you if so wish, or make a shopping list with you and go for shopping on your behalf. Accurate receipt keeping and reliability of our carers has been the hallmark of our success in managing effective shopping for our clients.

Hospital To Home Care (Continuing Care From Hospital)

We have several experienced nurses, including our care manager, with several years of hospital experience in the NHS. Sometimes coming home after a period of hospital admission, whether following surgery or some other ailments can be very daunting, particularly when you do not have anybody to look after you. Samfos health can help provide the required continuing care or support after discharge. Our hospital to home care and support service can provide several care needs from basic e.g. giving injections to complex care needs e.g. providing ventilator care and support for clients with tracheotomy. We can even visit you at the hospital and begin planning your support with your team of nurses prior to your final discharge

Learning Disability

We have carers who are able to provide 24 hour special care for people with learning disability. These care workers have demonstrable ability and competence to instil confidence in this client group.

About Us

Samfos Health is a healthcare recruitment agency that continually aims to make a difference in clients lives through quality care delivered by carefully selected and dedicated professionals. Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of our utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

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